Sophie~ Purple Swan

Precious Sophie Bear is 9” tall and made of white mohair.

She is a new pattern with 6 joints (double jointed head) and wiring in her arms

and legs. Sophie is scissor trimmed, needle sculpted with some hand coloring. Sophie’s eyes are a clear lavender with grey ultra suede eyelids and black eyeliner.

Her nose and mouth are embroidered with black tatting thread. Sophie’s paws have individual toes with needle sculpted dark gray leather toes and paw pads.


Sophie wears an antique lace skirt with a vintage embroidered bib with

embroidered berries and leaves sewn on. Her head wreath is made of

embroidered tape and individually cut wool felt flowers to match her bib.

This wee Sophie carries a matching embroidered purse with a hand

embroidered heart dangling from it for Valentine’s Day

Please let me know if you are interested in ordering a 

bear in this style with a different fur or with different or no costuming.

Sophie comes with a brass key to Mary’s Secret Garden 

and her own photo portrait card inscribed to you noting all her particulars.

For sale to club for $450.00

($12.00 with insurance)

Contact Mary with'm%20interested%20in%20Sophie%20or%20another%20bear.