FINLAY~Silver Tabby

With her pumpkin colored fur and glowing golden ember eyes,  Jackie O. Lantern, looks like a jack o’ lantern.

Finlay is my newest little buddy.  Standing 10” Finlay is my first Silver Tabby cat.

He is also very posable with 5 joints and wired arms, legs, and tail.

This striped, gray, tipped mohair kitten is hand painted including his wool felt ears

(which have fur applied to their inner edges).

This little tabby kitten’s face is needle sculpted and carefully trimmed as well as his four paws

(which have hand painted toes). 

Finlay’s hand painted pale blue glass eyes with vertical slit pupils  sit in

double leather lids.

Embroidered perl cotton thread was used to create his nose and mouth.

His whiskers were made of white horsehair.

Finlay Silver Tabby comes with a brass key to Mary’s Secret Garden

and his own photo portrait card inscribed to you noting all his particulars.

For sale to club for $495.00 plus shipping ($18.00 with insurance).

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