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Animals in Winter

Winter Wonderland. I love making standing cats with bonnets and capes and even muffs. Included here, is  Rosalund Rex, an example of a Winter dressed cat. But you may choose to have one done with fur trimmed velvet or an icy blue brocade.

Of course there are always the sugar plum type fairies to consider. See Fairy Bunnies for more ideas.

I have also made many skiing Chipmunks and plan to make a snow shoed and an ice skating Chippy as well. If you are interested in having my very first one, contact me. There is also the skiing Norwegian Forrest kitten, Of course hats and scarves are appropriate but they can be any color, and backpacks are optional. Sleds and sleighs are also a great idea. Check out the Christmas page to see some transportation ideas.

See Chipmunk page for prices and descriptions. Other winter outfit possibilities are on the Squirrel page. But any animal can be decked out for the big snow. So relax and imagine your favorite animal engaged in some winter activity from skiing to shopping. Then imagine what colors and styles he/she might be wearing.

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