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Wendy Froud’s 14” Goblin


Here’s a definition of the word, Goblin, for you from the book, “Faeries.”

Goblins are a breed of small, swarthy, malicious beings- although 'goblin' as a term is often used as a general name for the uglier inhabitants of Faerie.  They sometimes appear in the shape of animals which appropriately reflects their bestial nature.   They are the thieves and villains of Faerie, companions to the dead, especially on Halloween:

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Like all her figures, this goblin is totally posable with extra thin long limbs which allow for amazing movement. His head, hands and feet are perfectly sculpted in polymer clay, painted and attached to heavy English armature wire. Wendy then creates a stuffed pliant body of fabric, leather and batting. This Goblin seems to fashioned after her husband Brian’s goblins from his Book,”Faeries.” From his upward pointing elfin ears, to his forehead “nubs” (perhaps he will grow antlers later?) to his broad nose and protruding wide smiling mouth, this fellow comes from a land we know nothing about. His eye wrinkles suggest years of practical jokes played on humans while his puckered mouth hides teeth gone missing over the many years of his long life.

His complexion is sallow with a whisky nose (too much distilled fairy nectar?) and ruddy cheeks. His expression is both mischievous and wise in the manor of a courtly fool. His hands have three pointed fingers and a thumb (perfectly detailed with nail, knuckles, fingernails, and ruddy highlighting). Goblin’s sandy long hair falls under a unique Goblin-made suede cap with two tails in front of each pointy ear and pleating in the back.

Beige and sage green knit striped socks cover his legs with red and white checkerboard heel patches. He wears pointed leather, open backed slippers. My Goblin wears a hand stitched doublet in maroon suede complete with collar, lapel, tails, and wrist lacing. A hunter’s green (hand painted with maroon dots) kerchief forms a Goblin ascot at his throat. His pantaloons are made of rusty gold suede and detailed with a knee patch, knee straps, irregular leg vents and an interesting crotch gusset on the seat.

On the seat of his pants, you will find the hand written “A Froud Original” with a copyright symbol and the date, 1994.