Trixie Doo Dah


9” Trixie Doo Da is a One of A Kind jointed kitten made of alpaca fur and stuffed with polyfiberfill and glass beads (in his tail.)  Slit pupiled, hand painted, blue glass eyes sit in brown leather double eyelids.

Trixie’s face is needle sculpted and scissor trimmed with white

horsehair whiskers. Her dark brown nose and mouth are embroidered with

tatting thread. Trixie Doo Dah has painted toes and pads on needle sculpted paws. His ears are made of wool felt. Hand dyed alpaca furs were pieced and hand colored to create

Trixie’s Himalayan look. Trixie comes with her own brass key that opens the Secret Garden gate and a photo portrait card inscribed to you and signed by me.

$495.00 plus $10.00 shipping


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