5” tall (6” with hat)

mohair, alpaca, wool felt

alpaca top knot of hair

jointed with 6 joints (double jointed neck)

needle sculpting


wired limbs, tail and spine

embroidered nose and mouth

horsehair whiskers

hand sewn and wired top hat

wool felt collar with polka dot bowtie

carries teacup

themed tea pot, tea crate

silver tea service

brass key to Mary’s Secret Garden 

photo portrait card inscribed to you


$395.00 ($14.00 with insurance)

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Contact Mary with questionsmailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=I'm%20interested%20in%20Tommy%20or%20a%20mouse%20ike%20him.

Tommy Dormouse is 5” tall,

made of mohair, alpaca,

and wool felt.

He's jointed and wired, has needle sculpting, and airbrushing,

His face features an embroidered nose and mouth, glass eyes with lids and horsehair whiskers.

Tommy carries a

tea cup and wears

a wool felt top hat,

collar and

polka dot bow tie.

He sits in a themed

tea pot or a

wooden tea crate

and serves tea on a silver tea service.

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