Suzette Printemps
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My latest BigHead bear is little Suzette Printemps who, like me, cannot wait for spring!
She found a mysteriously early spring flower and is playing hide and seek with it.
Suzette is 5 1/2” tall with a 9 1/2” tall wool felt embroidered flower (3 1/2” across bloom). The flower sits nicely in a tiny terra cotta pot I will include if you win this baby girl. 
Suzette’s 1/2” long, wavy, sparse mohair fur is light beige but is enriched with airbrushed  light cinnamon and gray. Her clear brown safety eyes are backed with white wool felt and black leather. Her eyelashes and nose and mouth are embroidered. Suzette’s face is needle sculpted. 
She is jointed and weighted with glass beads. Suzette wears an orange wool felt (removable) embroidered bow on her right ear.
Her magnificent flower is made of a gold felt petals topped by a yellow layer with a large lavender embroidered center. All flower parts including petals, leaves, and 
flower back are embroidered. The stem is floral wire wrapped with floral tape
 and can stand under Suzette’s feet or in a separate small terra-cotta flower pot.
This little hopeful bear is ready to be adopted for $150.00 plus $20.00 shipping.

PS. If you have a new VW and would like a custom made 
flower for the “Vase” 
                  by your driver’s seat, let me know! I think this type of flower would be perfect!
Special offer! $150.00
(shipping $10.00 with insurance)