Little St. Nick

Alpaca/mohair Little St. Nick is packed and ready to snowshoe his way through the wintry night to filled hopeful children’s shoes.

Nicky Raccoon has 5 joints (double neck joint), wired limbs and wired tail. His life-like face and paws are needle sculptured, scissor trimmed and hand painted. This 10” gift bearer has hand painted glass eyes with leather eyelids. His nose and mouth are embroidered, and his whiskers are made of white horsehair. He’s a one of a kind and only my second baby raccoon.

Little St Nick wears a red velveteen robe complete with pockets and white kid mohair trim.  Nicky wears two belts of twist cord with tassels and bells.  St Nick’s head is wreathed with a holly garland. Upon his back is a green basket filled with greens, treats (including golden acorns), and toys. This unique St Nick travels on wooden snow shoes and uses one ski pole. He’s ready to celebrate Christmas at your house and remind you each year to leave your shoes by the fire to be filled each St Nickolaus day (Dec. 6th.)

$595.00 plus S/H