Ryssa Mae

  9” Ryssa Mae, a jointed kitten with a wobble neck, is made of dense gray alpaca. She is stuffed with poly fiberfill and pellets (in her tail).  Slit pupiled, hand painted, gold glass eyes sit in gray ultra suede (upper and lower) eyelids with eyeliner.

     Ryssa’s face is needle sculpted and scissor trimmed with airbrushed markings. Her embroidered gray nose and mouth are airbrushed. Ryssa Mae has painted toes and pads on plucked, sculpted, and airbrushed paws.  Her ears are made of wool felt and her whiskers and eyebrows are made of white horse hair. Ryssa wears a dark mauve felt hat with assorted vintage trims, lace, netting and flowers. Her dress is made of blue gathered lace with an overlay of cranberry net and black lace. Encircling her waist is wool band of flowerettes.   


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