Princess Adalusia de Castille

   18” Andalusia de Castille is a OOAK dressed Princess Cat. Made of tabby orange and white mohair, Andalusia poses beautifully with her 8 joints: a double neck joint, shoulder, hip and elbow. She is airbrushed over her entire body and has detailed painted toe pads on each foot. Her tail is wired and her toes and paws are needle sculpted.

     Princess Andalusia’s sweet face is needle sculpted, scissor trimmed and painted. Her short muzzle is slightly flat with an embroidered black mouth and pink nose. Her large hand-painted copper glass eyes are set in leather lids with black eyeliner. Her whiskers are white horsehair

    Princess Andalusia is a Spanish Princess from early the 18th Century.  She wears a melon silk brocade overdress trimmed in gold metallic tape and braid over a yellow striped silk underskirt trimmed with vintage cotton lace and trim. The skirt trails behind her gracefully. Her sleeves are lined with yellow striped silk and drawn up with a gold ribbon to reveal her china silk under sleeve edged with a heavy cotton lace ruffle. Andalusia wears a cotton mantilla under her silver crown and trailing jewels. Over her lace edged neckline, Andalusia wears a necklace of gold, brass charms and a turquoise stone from her true love, Pierre La Grande. The Princess carries a cotton lace parasol and a green velvet purse with jewels, trim and beads.



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