What's in a garden? Flowers, butterflies, an occasional bunny perhaps? And

fairies right? No fairies, you say? Funny that's what Mrs. Bunchinella Rabbit says. She

says she has never seen any fairies, therefore, there are no fairies.

Believing in fairies is no small matter to a fairy named Bellissima who lives just

down the garden path from Bunchinella Rabbit. Because, even when one rabbit

does not believe in Fairies, a fairy disappears! So, Bellissima follows Mrs. Rabbit

ringing flower bells into her ears (as only fairies can) so that Bunchinella will hear and believe!

Bunchinella Hears A Bell

by Mary Jardin Wimberley~2007

One morning, she hears bells overhead and wonders aloud,

"What is that ringing?"  Nearby Barnopolis Bunny answers,

"It's fairies ringing the coral bells, Ma'am!"

Every morning Mrs. Rabbit takes baby Betina out for a stroll.

" Fairies ringing bells? Oh, no, no!" counters Mrs. Rabbit

wheeling the pram around and high tailing it home.

At home, Mother hears her baby cooing and asks, "What is it, Betina?"

The baby speaks her first word, "Fae-wee!"

"Oh no! Not that... "cries Mrs. Rabbit fainting flat on her own welcome mat.

To avoid the fairy bells, Bunchinella tries a new path the next morning.

Startled by a large fairy sculpture, she trips over a log,

crashes the pram and spills Betina into a bed of moss.

Mother reaches into the mossy toadstool ring for her baby, but her paws

come up empty! Alarmed, she realizes that Betina has vanished! "Where could she be? "

Bunchinella heads straight for Scotland Log.

She finds Detective Merdock Hare leaning peacefully on a log smoking a pipe.

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