9” Mozart is wearing my first wool felt, fully embroidered tailcoat.

He is a 6 jointed (double jointed neck) gray squirrel with wired tail made of 6 types of mohair and alpaca.

Fully scissor trimmed and needle sculpted including his tiny painted toes, Mozart looks like he walked out of a storybook. His amber eyes are glass and sit in leather lids with black eyeliner. His whiskers are made of horsehair. He is hand colored throughout.

Mozart wears a sky blue wool felt tailcoat edged with a darker blue blanket stitch. Decorating the waist of his coat is a garden of embroidered flowers. Yellow embroidery creates his french knot buttons. He wears a matching hat with flower and a gold embroidered bow tie over his wool felt collar.

Click oval below to see Mozart’s Sweetheart,

Azure Sky- girl squirrel..