Mistress Sarah Julia

12” Mistress Sarah Julia is jointed with a double jointed neck. Her limbs tail and spine are wired for posing. She is made of mohair and alpaca with wool felt ears. Sarah’s face and feet are finely needle sculpted and scissor trimmed. Her pale opal eyes are hand painted with slit pupils in double leather eyelids with eyeliner. Her dainty nose and mouth are embroidered. She is lightly airbrushed and has white horsehair whiskers. Miss Sarah wears a long waisted navy polka dotted dress with a magenta bodice inset. Antique white trim and pink satin ribbons adorn her dress and bodice. Atop her bodice is a sailor collar and a cameo choker. Her waist band is made of scalloped eyelet woven with matching pink ribbon. Her sleeves gather onto tight cuffs. Mistress Sarah Julia wears a silk magenta hat with a navy feather boa and a silk plaid hatband and matching bow with buckle. Sarah Julia also carries a pink drawstring purse filed with coins. treats and findings.

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