Master Francis Peregrine


12” Master Francis is jointed with a double jointed neck. His limbs tail and spine are all wired for posing. He is made of mohair and alpaca with wool felt ears. Francis Perry’s face and feet are finely needle sculpted and scissor trimmed. His aqua blue eyes are hand painted with slit pupils in double leather eyelids with eyeliner. His nose and mouth are embroidered and his whiskers are made of white horsehair. He has airbrushed points on his face and feet. Master Francis wears a silk  and gold silk brocade coat with silk pleated collar and cuffs. His coat is completed by two pockets and brass buttons.  An antique ruffled shirt collar and silk cravat show at his neck. A blue velvet and maroon sash with gold tassels tie his outfit all together. Master Francis wears a blue velvet hat with a ruby plume fastened with a gold brooch. Francis Perry carries a gold flask, two silver swords and a leather gaming bag.  Master Perry's boots are made of soft maroon leather complete with cuffs and navy bows.

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