Madame la Rouge

A Letter from Mary:
The Showbear Faery must go on!

A feisty, saucy, effervescent Showbear Faery strutted into my life recently.
Scarlett (La Rouge) arrived a few nights ago from Paris, France and has been telling me tales of a Showbear Faery you wouldn't believe.
Apparently, she performed at the Faery Moulin Rouge and was an overnight sensation.
 Gentlebear callers mob her flower filled dressing room. Fans crowd her for autographs.
The Faery paparazzi stalk her seeking incriminating photographs. 
Exhausted, Madame La Rouge stowed herself on a large leaf Faery boat heading for the states.
A gypsy caravan of traveling Gypsy Moth faeries dropped Scarlett at my garden's gate two night ago.
Poor thing, I found her in a rumpled heap of flowers  and feathers, all pale and wan and desperately in need of sleep.
Suffering from the vapors, she fans herself constantly while I coax small amounts of honey suckle nectar in her trembling mouth.  
But mostly, she sleeps fitfully as if haunted, on my leopard chaise lounge.
She's looking for a permanent home in which to retire, 
(although I'm sure she'll reappear on the Faery stage no matter where she ends up.)
One of a Kind 11” Madame Scarlett La Rouge is a jointed, mohair Lady bear with wired limbs, weighted with glass beads. Madame’s hand painted glass eyes are greenish gold with ultra suede eyelids and eyeliner.  Scarlett’s face is plucked. trimmed, needle sculpted and airbrushed. Her black nose and mouth, and eyebrows are embroidered with perle cotton. Scarlett has beige paw and foot pads.  Madame La Rouge wears a unique Fairy outfit made especially for the stage. Hydrangea petals cascade down one shoulder. Rows of maroon peonies form a peplum at her waist. Covering her burgundy tulle skirt are matching feathers. Madame also wears a feathered and petaled head dress and carries a feather, floral fan. Occasionally she drapes a purple boa around shoulders for cool spring nights after the show. Of course even her sheer wired wings match her outfit with just a hint of blue.