Lucinda Gorilla

26” Lucinda Gorilla is an extremely unique, much beloved personal One of a Kind item.

She was made in 1992 by myself and Ray Daub. Her feet, hands and face are sculpted in detail, then molded and poured in tinted vinyl-wax.

Lucinda is hand painted and has taxidermy glass eyes with face human eyelashes.

Lucinda has a fully posable Loc-line armature to which her hands, feet and head are securely attached. Her detailed body is contructed of 3” black mohair allowing for a huge degree of movement.

She weighs 6.5 pounds and feels like a real baby gorilla when snuggled in your lap, held over your shoulder, or cradled in your arms.

Lucinda has been an important part of my family, sitting on her favorite chair, up in a high chair or dressed in gloves and hat sitting in the parlour drinking tea.

She’s wearing a Guatemalan embroidered children’s sundress with three bows in her hair.

But she looks equally cute with diapers or naked as she once lived in the mountains of Africa.

~A Bargain at $995.00~

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