16” (27” with tail) King Pushkin is a custom Maine Coon Cat. Made of 4 types of synthetic plush, Pushkin has 6 joints

and a full wire armature including a rib cage.

He even has wired ears. His paws are needle sculpted with

leather paw pads and toes with plenty of fur between his toes.

His hand painted golden cat eyes have ultra suede double eyelids. His nose is made of mauve ultra suede

and his mouth is embroidered

with mauve perl cotton and lightly airbrushed.

The king’s whiskers are made of white horsehair.

King Pushkin wears a red paisley cape with gold pleated silk Fortuny lining and an “Overcape” lined with white mohair.

His crown and scepter are handmade.

The King wears thedistinctive brass key of

Mary’s Secret Garden.

He is OOAK Maine Coon cat.

$2000.00 plus $92.00 S/H and insurance