King Louie the Bun
5” Louie the Bun is a rabbit royale. Made of rose mohair with white alpaca cheeks, he has long lop ears made of polar fleece. His hand painted eyes are a blue gray with eyelids and eye liner. King Louie’s nose and mouth are embroidered of pink perl cotton and he is needle sculpted everywhere including his 
tiny toes with hand painted toe pads. His whiskers 
are made of horsehair. Louie is jointed and 
weighted with glass beads.
 He wears rose/gold cape lined with iridescent blue silk 
taffeta and trimmed with picot. He wears two pink/gold crossed baldrics which hold his scimitar and brocade sheath. 
His belt is buckled and made of antique gold trim. Louie’s hat is made of trims and blue brocade with jewels. King Louie the bun hold a scepter/wand of gold and pink and 
he sits on a burgundy tuffet.
 $325.00 plus $12.00 S/H and insurance
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