14” Keichi Coo is the first real teddy bear from Mary’s Secret Garden in a long time! Inspired by the “It’s all the Same” category in the upcoming URSA awards, he was made from a standard pattern provided to by www.Bearsandbuds.com. I’ll be entering him this year in a new category where

all artists use the same pattern.

This “panda-esque” bear is made of 5 types of alpaca with the darker colors used on his limbs and eye patches. His head and body fur is 1” tipped alpaca. He is jointed with wired limbs.

Keichi Coo has a uniquely trimmed face with large amber glass eyes with both eye white and leather eyelids. His nose and mouth are embroidered with black purl cotton. Keichi’s needle sculpted feet have fur pads with leather toes and plastic claws.

Keichi is (partially) hand dyed, hand colored and airbrushed.


US and canada $10.00 shipping insurance $7.00

international $20.00

Contact Mary with questionsmailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=I'm%20interested%20in%20Keichi%20Coo%20Teddy