16” (17” with ears) Harrison Foxmore is a standing jointed fox with a double jointed neck, wired limbs and tail. This OOAK hunter is made with light cinnamon, and

white alpaca with black mohair accents. He is needle sculpted, scissor trimmed and has hand painted

(gold/copper) glass eyes in double lidded black leather eyelids.

Hisnose and mouth are embroidered with black perle cotton. His black whiskers are horsehair. Harrison’s needle sculpted paws and feet have individual leather toes and pads.

Harrison wears an embroidered forrest green wool hunting coat with a black felt collar and brass buttons. Under this is a

rusty brown paisley vest (with snaps forclosure.) Harrison also dons a back felt riding cap and carries a black cane which doubles as a whip.

Harrison Foxmore is a OOAK fox and comes

with a key to the Secret Garden.


(S/H insurance: US and Canada $30.00 -

International $40.00)