Fairy Mice range from 4” to 6”. The 5” style sits and lays while the 7” mouse stands with wiring in the arms and legs. They’re made of mohair and have wool felt ears and ultra suede tails. They various colors of hand painted glass eyes with leather eyelids. All have embroidered noses and mouths as well as horsehair whiskers. All are airbrushed. They are also needle sculpted and scissor trimmed including their tiny paws with individually painted toes.

Wings range from wired leaves to iridescent, wired,

airbrushed, bead edged, sheer wings.

All wear a petal or leaf costume and hold a magic wand.

Some sit on flower thrones.

All the Fairies shown here are One Of A Kind and most are sold.

(Click the purple key or look for sale tags to find ones available.) But if you like one or two in particular, email me with the Fairy’s name. We can talk about sizes, wings ,costume, fur coloration, ears, etc so you can own one of your very own. Click the purple key to see if any of these are available.

They range in price from $395.00 - $695.00

Contact Marymailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=email%20subject