16” Emmy Rose Bear Cub

Emmy Rose is a movement bear, which allows her to pose in all positions including standing up and standing on all fours due to her unique joint system including a double jointed neck and wired arms and legs.

I created trapunto paw pads for Emmy and am very happy with the results as she has very defined toes and dimensional soft golden tan leather pads. All feet have five beautiful dimensional toes, fur under the toes and dimensional palms and heels. I am planning on darkening the fur between toes just a tad so it matches her fur better.

Emmy Rose has many wonderful details beginning with her fur. It is 2” mohair, which I have dyed a medium cocoa brown with a little reddish cast. Except for the ears, I have trimmed her hair down in various lengths. Her muzzle and paw fur are a short dense alpaca which has been hand colored. Her brown glass eyes have eye whites and brown leather lids. She also boasts a sculpted polymer clay brown nose; needle felted eyebrows, a leather lower lip, and epoxy putty claws.

Emmy Rose wears a lovely spring crown of Cherry Blossoms, which features tendrils, buds and berries. A bow with ribbons adorns the back of her head wreath, which matches her tutu.  Her tutu is made from many layers of gathered pink tulle and ornamented with spring green organza bows, shoulder straps and streamers. Each little bow has a matching cherry blossom nestled within.  It ties in the back with more green organza ribbons.

$1195.00 plus S/H

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International $52.00

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