Dragon Jack


21 inch Dragon Jack is a Himalayan cat Pirate made of 3” and 1 1/2” mohair with three types of alpaca accent colors.

A special, cat Dragon has a double jointed neck and jointed elbows-8 joints in all.

Unfortunately Dragon lost his left leg at sea and now wears a wooden prosthetic (peg leg) and carries a crutch made from a Sycamore branch.

Dragon Jack’s face is meticulously trimmed, embroidered (nose and mouth) needle sculpted, and hand colored. His large blue hand painted glass eyes sit in double leather eyelids. His right eye is covered with an eye patch. Dragon’s Jack has white horsehair whiskers.

This pirate is nothing if not well dressed. Dragon Jack wears a navy wool felt hat with a metallic embroidered tape hat band, a navy feather boa, and several plumes in red and white. Under his large chapeaux is a printed kerchief from his homeland. Dragon’s great fitted surcoat is made of a rose/wine brocade silk and features huge sleeve cuffs and pocket flaps-all trimmed with gold braid and many gold buttons. His waist coat is made from a dragon motif silk he picked up in China trimmed with a burgundy braid and buttoned with real mother of pearl buttons, carved from his vast collection of oyster shells.

Pirate Jack wraps a prized embroidered gold silk sash around his waist to hold his sundries and extra weapons. Dragon’s white silk stock (tie) made of silk georgette with embroidery is trimmed with white cotton lace as are his sleeve cuffs. Pirate Jack carries his sword and pistol in matching gold leather baldric and holster. Dragon Jack wears a single black leather buckled, bucket cuffed boot.

$2000.00 plus shipping

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