Alpaca/mohair Desparado is a movement raccoon with 5 joints, wired limbs and a wired tail made of 7 types of alpaca and mohair. His double jointed neck,wiring and his body proportions allow him to take on most any pose including all fours. His life-like face and paws are needle sculptured, scissor trimmed and hand painted. This 9.5” raccoon has hand painted dark olive green glass eyes with leather eyelids. Desparado’s body is the distinctive pear shape we associate with raccoons and his head oversized appropriate for a baby. His nose and mouth are embroidered, and his whiskers are made of white horsehair. He’s a one of a kind and my first movement baby raccoon.

As always, he wears a brass key to the garden and come with a photo portrait card inscribed to you.

$525.00 plus shipping