Shipping and payment:

Use Paypal Or send cashier’s check or money order. (Email me for address)


I usually use U.S. Priority Mail and suggest insuring your package.

Email me any time at:

for orders. Or write to join my collector’s club to view each item for sale before the general public sees it.

I’ll also let you know when something is posted on ETSY or EBAY.

Write anytime to receive more photos or to get any information at all. Maybe you want to know in advance what I am working on! If you are interested in one of my new kittens, for example, I’ll put you on speed email so you get the announcement before anyone else.


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Ordering Custom Pieces
          As you peruse the web site, you will notice that most pieces aren’t available. Each piece takes so much time that I rarely have any inventory. But if you you notice a couple of pieces tugging at your heart, you may find yourself thinking “Oh, I wish Mary would make a squirrel dressed like that bunny I saw in the dressed bunny section.” Your wish is my command (for the most part.) Just click  CONTACT or JOIN to write me an email with your request. We will work with budget, size, colors and your style along with patterns I have available and together we will create your dream animal. One customer wanted a dressed female cat to match her own cat. She trusted me to design the right costume. The gypsy cat you see on the left is the result of the collaboration.  Not only did she get a unique cat but also an interesting life story about her cat.

    Or you could just say, I’d like a Himalayan kitten sort of like Thora or a calico marked like Calliope but in kitten size. Or Do you still do cowmice? Would you do a special one just for me? I might ask you what color eyes you’d like or some other detail or just make all the decisions myself. Sometimes I think I’m psychic in this way and know what is right for a given person.
        Many of my favorite pieces have been inspired in this way. Seeing things from some else’s perspective is always an exciting challenge for me and stretches me creatively. 

I don’t ask for a deposit unless it is a particularly large piece, but will need to know when you will be able to pay for it. This gives you time to save up and me time to create it. When I’m done, I’ll send you photos.  After I receive payment you will get your One of a Kind animal with a photo card detailing his specifics and inscribed to you. Each animal comes with a Secret Garden Key and my signature on the card. 
                   I look forward to hearing from you!'!Cats_%26_Kittens_hand_made_artist_cats_and_kittens_in_mohair_and_alpaca.htmlFairy_Bunnies-_mohair_bunny_fairies_with_real_wings_and_petal_costumes..htmlMice_See_dressed,_naked,_Fairy_and_Seasonal_Mice.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1