Christmas Animals

How I love pulling out my Christmas vignettes one time each year! Below you’ll find a few examples of Christmas characters-skiing Chipmunks, a skiing kitten, an angel bunny, a Holiday Bunny Fairy, a Sugar Plum Fairy Bunny, a Pixie Mouse, a Santa mouse, a Holiday Rabbit Elf, and Bo Renard, a  dapper fox dressed for a Christmas feast. Whatever you can imagine, I can make for you. Think of your favorite animal or fairy and let me dream up a costume, props and maybe even a little scene. I’ve made a Santa Claws (A Santa Cat in costume with toys and props.) I also have Christmas cards and postcards available. Please email me to see photos of my last available Santa Doll. It’s Santa as he dresses for bed with his favorite bear, a bedtime story, bear slippers, and some snacks. He’s very realistic with glass eyes, vinyl/wax sculpted face and hands, and drapey robe over night shirt and cap.

Order a Custom Christmas Animal or vignette.mailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=I'd%20like%20to%20order%20a%20Holiday%20animal.mailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=I'd%20like%20to%20order%20a%20Holiday%20animal.mailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=I'm%20interested%20in%20a%20Christmas%20piece.shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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