16” Movement Bear Cub

16” Casey’s wide feet and paws and oversized head and nose make him a perfect cross between a teddy bear and a real bear cub.

Casey is designed to be a movement bear, which allows the bear to pose in all positions including standing up and standing on all fours. His new trapunto leather paws have five beautiful dimensional toes, fur under the toes and dimensional pads. All are also tinted with color to accentuate the texture and depth.

Casey has many wonderful details beginning with his lovely tipped alpaca 1” fur and his contrast tan alpaca muzzle. His brown glass eyes have eye whites and brown leather lids. He also boasts a sculpted polymer clay painted nose, needle felted eye brows, a leather lower lip, and epoxy putty claws. Casey has 6 joints, wire in his arms and legs and a double-jointed neck for posing. I hand colored and scissor trimmed his face, arms and legs to give him a subtle realistic look.

Casey will soon be a pattern that can be purchased through me- either on Etsy or here on Ebay. I am working on a new long haired mohair cub, which will be my last finished bear before I create the pattern.

Casey arrives with his key to the Secret Garden and also a signed photo portrait card detailing all his attributes for your records and inscribed to you!

$995.00 plus S/H

Shipping US $30.00 (includes insurance)

International $52.00

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