“Bucknell” Swashbuckler Tabby Kitten


10” Bucknell, a Swashbuckling tabby kitten, is made of rusty gold mohair. He has wired arms, legs, and tail and is jointed. Bucknell’s wool felt ears are hand colored as are his face and body markings. Front paws have 5 toes while Bucknell’s ’s feet have four toes - all feet are needle sculpted with painted toes and pads. This little Swashbuckling kitten’s face is needle sculpted and carefully trimmed. His large bright green eyes with vertical slit pupils are hand painted glass and sit in double ultra suede eyelids with eyeliner. His nose and mouth are embroidered with tatting thread. Bucknell has white horsehair whiskers. He wears a large green wool felt hat with a leather band and black plume feather. He tucks a silver sword in his wool felt buckled belt with hand embroidered edges.

Bucknell wears a wool kerchief around his neck in case he needs a quick disquise.

Bucknell comes with a brass key to Mary’s Secret Garden and his own photo portrait card noting all his particulars.

For sale to club for $525.00 plus shipping.

Click here to contact Mary to adopt a kitten similar to Bucknell. (I’m making a smaller one now.)mailto:maryssecretgarden@comcast.net?subject=I%20would%20like%20to%20adopt%20Bucknell%20Swashbuckler!