Babette Fischer
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Babette Fischer is my first and only fish. She’s 4” sitting and 7” from the tip of her toe  flippers to her head. I originally made her around 2005 for a diorama in which she was “Goldi Lox” in a a fractured fairy tale involving three bears, a “Lox” and bagels with cream cheese.)  If you are interested in a different fish in mohair, please contact me.

I have wanted to create a bunch more fish and will happily do so if there is any interest.

Babette is looking for a man-actually fishing for one. Babette sits in her white adirondack chair with her fishing rod, fishing hat and her catch of the day

- a tiny hapless fisherman. (Or perhaps Babette is larger than she looks?)

I quilted fabric layers of iridescent onion skin and satin to create fish scales. Her gills and lips are made of ultra suede and, like the rest of her, are airbrushed.

Babette’s large glass googly eyes have ultra suede eyelids with eyeliner.

She wears a fisherman’s hat made entirely by hand with a number of “flies” attached.

She holds a perfect replica in plastic of a real fishing rod. The hook at the end fits nicely into the loop on the back her “man catch” who was made from Sculpy and measures 1 inch. Also included is a bit of grass which she finds is a good spot to fish for men.


(Shipping/insurance $10.00 )

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