10.5 “ Bandit Raccoon is made of 6 types of gray, black and white mohair and alpaca.  Six joints, (double jointed neck) wired limbs,

a wired tail, and special body proportions make Bandit a movement raccoon who can pose in almost any position including all fours.

  His life-like face and paws are needle

sculptured, scissor trimmed and hand painted.

This baby raccoon has hand painted dark olive green glass eyes with leather eyelids. Bandit’s body is the distinctive pear shape we associate with raccoons and his head is oversized appropriate for a baby.

His large black nose and mouth are embroidered, and his whiskers are

made of white horsehair.

Bandit is prepared for winter with his red and green knit hat.

He also plans to bring Christmas dressed as Santa himself.

He wears a belted red velvet coat and hat trimmed with imported white synthetic plush fur.

Bandit shoulders a basket backpack stuffed with trees, a horn, packages, greens and silver skates.

Bandit carries a small tree and has a gift

and candy canes in his pockets.

  As always, he comes with a brass key and a photo portrait card.


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