My newest creations are “Annablooms” ~

2”-3” Hand made wool felt and embroidered pins  which can also be used as pendants, ornaments, or dolls. (pendant loop and pin back)

Some are flower based, some are critters and some are Holiday related.

I create custom animals, flowers, or dolls for you-Just tell me your ideas and I can quickly make the Annabloom of your dreams.

Shipping $2.00 (US) $5.00 overseas

(Send me custom requests)

Monkeys, chimps, Hedgies, Puppies, Kittens, Bees ....

Sunny Flower

Any color$39.95 

Purple Chimp Panzee Any color


Tricolor Chimp Panzee $49.95

  Leaf Pixie

Any color


Crystal Angel $49.95 

Tree Wick Jangly Elf

Choose face, hair and costume color

Choose boy or girl


Snowy Snowman Choose hat, scarf color


Elfner Elf

Choose face, hair,and costume color
Choose boy or girl


Noel Christmas Kitty
Choose color and accessories


Jangles Winter Chimp
Choose color and accessories,

jangly limbs or pipe cleaners


So I sez to my self, “Self, why don’t you make some bear Annablooms?”

Bears coming soon....



Don’t forget all these Annablooms can be used as pendants or ornaments as well!

Tinsel Elf

Choose face, hair,and costume color
Choose boy or girl


New! Chibi Cat Girls

Kiik Chibi nuku Nuku
 Any color hair and dress$44.95'm%20intersted%20in%20buying%20a%20chibi%20Cat%20Girl
See slide show!small_finished_annablooms.html

Introducing Shabby Chicks-my new Owlette pins!

Back of Pin




We are for sale on ETSY for only $35.00!