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Anderson Foxmoore is my first 15” free standing dressed fox. He has 6 joints including a double jointed neck. Wiring in his tail and arms also improves his posability. He is made of 6 types of mohair and alpaca with some hand dyed. His face is trimmed and needle sculpted to achieve his fine realistic face. His hand painted glass eyes have slit pupils and sit in double lidded eyelids. He has dimensionally painted rust colored toes and paw pads. He also has black horsehair whiskers, and an embroidered nose and mouth. He is hand painted. Mr. Foxmoore wears an olive wool felt riding jacket with black blanket stitched edges and embroidery on his lapel and black collar and pocket flaps. A woven wool patterned vest can be seen beneath his jacket. Anderson also has my first riding cap made of wool felt and velvet with leather buckled chin strap. The coat and hat are removable. He carries a wooden cane with sculpted top and bottom.


See my new cousin, Oscar WildefoxOscar_Wildfox_Stuffed_Fox_in_riding_habit.htmlOscar_Wildfox_Stuffed_Fox_in_riding_habit.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
Email My Friends and Me to purchase!
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Anderson Foxmoore